Sekou Badi Camara

Beast Tribe


Sekou Started training at 7 years old doing flips and the beach, on wood chips.  At the age of 14, he began to train and condition his body.   Today he performs with Cavalia, and trains 3 and 1/2, and he doesn’t stop there, outside of the circus he trains another 4-5 hours a day before/after the circus.  Sekou has traveled to Senegal, Mali, Gambia, Sierra Leone, Mexico, Canada, and many states in the USA.

When he was living and training Africa, he would wake up at 5am and train until 12pm. The group would then take break, eat food, and catch wild fish from the ocean. They would rest at home until 430pm and would resume training.
Fish and rice are most common. chicken, beef, eggs were expensive but also common.
The diet was mostly fish, being a costal region and being on a budget, it was free since they would catch it after practice in the ocean. 
What Sekou misses from home is that there are lots of banana, mango and lots of cashew as they would bring them from Ivory Coast. Cashews and other nuts are a big part of Sekous diet.   
Alseny and Sekou knew each other since they were little kids. Sekous family didn’t want him to tumble, so alseny would come back and pick him up and sneak him to the beach.  And at that time alseny wasn’t working, and sekou was, so he had a little money and afterwards they would go to town and eat together.
Sekou’s brother was his most influential supporter. His name is DAOUDA, and Sekou says that his brother always believed in him.
now sekous father is proud. sekous father was so mad one time, and threatened sekous bother to go to prison for taking his brother away to circus school. 
Cote divor was the first place he went to, 
sekous father finally understood that this is what sekou wanted and accepted, and prayed for him.  2 months after Sekou started traveling all over Africa.  When he came hback, and they prayed and he got more jobs.