Beast Tribe



Alseny began training around 9 years old.  His family was against him training and aspirations of joining the circus. He insisted on continuing his acrobatic training in secret.  Through hard work and determination, Alseny was able to join Cavalia Odysseo and travel the world.  Today he also runs a circus/acrobatic school in Guinea.
Alseny and his friends didn’t have enough money to train on mats and gym equipment.  They would use what nature had to offer, such as sand and wood chips.  Often times they would street perform and would take the money they earned and buy new mats for the school.  Always helping the team.
Now Alseny runs a school and is head coach.  The school he founded is called circus kalabante.  He has many students in Guinea and aspires to show them the right way .  Encourage them to be patient and strong.
in 2010 Alseny joined Cavalia. He did an audition at the beach and was 1 of the 10 picked out of 100 acrobats.
He taught guys like kaba as he was the most experienced.  “Kaba is young, and small, so he is very fast” says Alseny.