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Learn the West African Methods

Anyone can become a beast.  The choice is YOURS.  For the first time Sekou and Alseny are sharing their training routines and lifestyle, and they are ready to inspire and change your life NOW.  People see Sekou and Alseny and immediately think- “thats impossible for me, I need those genetics”.  Although that is partly true, Sekou an Alseny want you to know that they’ve seen many walks of life make transformations with their guidance by developing a strong foundation, staying natural, being patient and consistent.  Being a beast begins in the mind.


A strong foundation is EVERYTHING.
Start NOW!

A common mistake Alseny and Sekou see is that people jump to skill training without prior conditioning.  This leads to injury and often times, abandoning skill training, and exercise all together.  TRAIN SMART! 

Alseny and Sekou stress the key to success and longevity is consistency and patience.  






Learn to Master

Having control of your body should not be limited to acrobats. If people understood that learning body control is achievable through basic conditioning and progressions, the beaches and parks  would be filled with the average person demonstrating body weight skills.

Meet Beast Tribe

Sekou and Alseny


Master the basics before you begin advanced training. Our programs will cover basic exercises to prepare you for the next level!


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Start now!

The person who waits will never reach their goals!  Don’t wait start today! 

What it takes

Being a beast is a way of life
and only the strong survive!

Motivation is everything! Set a goal and go after your goals.  You can have the best training programs in the world but if you do not have the desire and passion, you will not succeed.  You must also be patient and consistent.  

The reason why many fail and stop training is because their routines are boring! We promise that this will be a fun routine, and bring results.  Be in it for the long run, not short term.

  • Beast Tribe!


  • Sekou and Alseny inspired me to not make excuses and use my bodyweight to get in shape. I’ve been very busy working an office job and some times have no inspiration to train. Since watching these guys, I’ve started doing push-ups, jogging, pull-ups everyday before work and have noticed a major difference.

    Office Worker
  • Just want to say thank you Beast Tribe! I am more motivated than ever!


Total Body Beast

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Beast Core!

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